Stock Photos

For some time now I am using stock photography to (mainly) use on my website Wat Betekent?. Of course there are the know places to pay for stockphotography, but I simply cannot afford to do that (not considering the fact that I do not want to do that). I found out there are places with free stock photography, and they are pretty decent as well. And most of the time, the creators do not even need to be credited (but they appreciate it of course).

I also wanted to experiment some with Instagram, so I decided to combine these 2 facts: create an Instagram account which publishes stock photography. I will credit the creator accordingly when I get it from a website, but sometimes I will post my own pictures on it which are technically NOT stock photography, but are also just photos of nature, buildings, art, etc. Below will show a widget with the photos of this account. If you like it, please follow and like the account.